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2023 - 2024 WIMPS SEASON

WIMPS Hockey Season is scheduled to begin Monday, October 2nd, 2023.


Monday Nights

Arena: Multiplex Ed Jeske             Start Time: 9:15 PM           

October 2nd

November 20th 

January 15th

February 26th

April 15th

October 16th

November 27th

January 22nd 

March 4th

April 22nd

October 22rd

December 4th

January 29th

March 11th

April 29th

October 30th

December 11th

February 5th

March 18th

November 6th

December 18th

February 12th

March 25th

November 13th

January 8th

February 19th

April 8th

Tuesday Nights

Arena: YK ARENA             Start Time: 9:15 PM   

**March 12th and 19th games to be played at the Multiplex Arena

October 3rd  

November 21st 

January 16th

February 27th

April 9th

October 10th

November 28th

January 23rd 

March 5th

April 16nd

October 17th

December 5th

January 30th

**March 12th

April 23th

October 24th

December 12th

February 6th

**March 19th

October 31st  

December 19th

February 13th

March 26th

November 7th

January 9th

February 20th

April 2nd

NEW Wednesday Nights

Arena: Multiplex - Shorty Brown             Start Time: 9:00 PM   

March 6th

March 27

April 17

March 13th

April 3

April 24th

March 20th

April 10

Saturday Nights

Arena: YK ARENA             Start Time: 7:00 PM   

**March 9th, 16th and 23rd games to be played at the Multiplex Arena

October 7th

November 25th

January 27th  

**March 23

October 14th

December 2th

February 3rd  

April 13th

October 21st  

December 16th

February 17th

April 20th

October 28th

January 6th

February 24th

April 27th

November 4th

January 13th

**March 9th

November 18th

January 20th

**March 16th


Registration forms can be found here: 





Sign In/Facility Rules

There have been a few changes since the last email that was sent out. Please see below for the latest updates:

Sign In

  • Important: WIMPS Hockey uses the Teamer app to confirm player availability for games. Please confirm availability the day of the game using the Teamer App.  
  • If you are sick or not feeling well stay at home.
  • Casual players will be offered a minimum of 1 hour before game time if a spot is available.
  • Please email the corresponding email address to be placed on the casual list:

Game Play

  • Wimps will have 5 on 5 hockey with a maximum of 20 skaters and 2 goalies.
  • As usual, WIMPS will feature continuous play, no refs, no penalties..

What is Wimps?

Wimps is Yellowknife's adult recreational hockey league, open to men and women aged 19 and over. We welcome all skill levels. Goalies every game. No periods, no refs, no contact, no slap-shots!

Casual (drop-in) players: Please contact your governor the day of the game to determine if there is space available. The governor will let you know approximately 1 hour before game time if there is space available based on a first come first serve method. Casual fee is $20. 

Regular skaters: Please contact your governor at least 2 hours before the game to let them know if you are playing. If 20 skaters have already committed to play, you will not be allowed to skate even though you're a regular.

For general inquiries for more information.


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